Monday, May 18, 2015

If You Aren't Doing This, You Are Sinning

May 18th, 2015
Hejsan Allihopa!

You don't know anxiety until you have brought an investigator to church. Yesterday, Sister Savage and I had two come to Church, and I noticed EVERYTHING in ways I never had before. I noticed every noise the kids in the audience made, I listened to the speakers through an investigators eyes, I sat in total anxiety, hoping everything went just perfectly. With this experience, I came to a realization this week... In 2 Nephi 26:27, it says: "...he hath commanded his people (members of the LDS Church) that they should persuade all men (he says ALL MEN) to repentence." What is one way we persuade ALL men to repent? Missionary work. Are you keeping this commandment? I hope so! I have never realized before how crucial members are to missionary work! I sure hope you notice who the missionaries or the members bring to church, and you go out of your way to talk to them. The missionaries are BEYOND grateful. I hope you are inviting people in your life to participate in this glorious gospel. If you are not, invite the missionaries over and get to know them. Think of someone that needs the peace of the Gospel and get out of your comfort zone and invite them to do something! It can be as simple as showing them a Mormon Message, or as big as inviting them to meet with the missionaries. Missionaries NEED you and if you aren't helping them, please consider how you can! I invite you to do something this week- think of someone to share the Gospel with. We have to be unitied in this work! It's the members resposibility as much as the missionaries. We need you desperately! 

Now that I am off of my soap box... This week was good! We taught 15 lessons this week. The goal is to do 20 a week here in Sweden. We have an investigator, Ali, from Egypt with a baptisimal date for June 6th! We taught him the Word of Wisdom this week and I am humbled by his humility. He accepts what we teach him with his full heart. He attends Church every Sunday and wants to follow Christ. It takes a lot to change your life as much as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints asks you to. It is a big leap of faith! I'd love it if you would pray for Ali with me this week- that his baptismal date will go through!

I love you all! Be the member missionaries that the missionaries adore.

Syster Nielsen


District Meeting!

Birgitta! One of the sweet nursing home ladies that we visit. 

Yes, I am still wearing tights in the second half of May...

Knocking Doors Actually Works.. Who Knew?

May 11th, 2015
Hey Family and Friends!

Sorry that I didn't get around to sending an email last week.. One of the Elders lost a mission iPhone and it threw a bit of a wrench in the day. But all four of us missionaries said a prayer and low and behold! We found it. Pray works. We've lost so many things (car key, apartment key, bus card, iPhone) and so far we have found everything besides a couple of bus cards. I can promise you that God is looking out for the work and looking out for his 19-20 year old missionaries (mishaps and all). 

So....confession time. My faith in tracting has been waning a bit and God decided to show me this week that it works. Most people when you knock on their door either peep-hole you, or very quickly express their disinterest. This week we were knocking some doors in Hertsön and we knocked on the door of a cute yellow house. A cute, grey haired old man opened the door and told us we could come back later! Wait.. what? Did he say we could come back? He must have a disorder...But no! We came back two days later and he invited us in. He had all the right questions and concerns and he asked us if we had anything he could read. I was flabbergasted!! It was amazing. God works miracles and really prepares people.

One lesson I am learning really well on my mission is that I choose my reaction to any given situation. I have been learning that one for a while, but I know it is true. I am trying to take resposibility for my emotions. If I am frustrated with my companion, my situation, the fact I have 15 months left, something my District leader did, etc., it's my problem! I choose! I am master of myself, just like Christ was. He was King of Heaven and Earth and yet he was nailed to a cross, willing confining himself to the base fate of robber or a murderer. And yet he chose to forgive those that had nailed Him to that Cross and do missionary work with the sinners on either side of him, nailed to their own crosses. Wow, I just want to be a small portion of what He was and is. 

I love you all beyond words! Keep looking to Christ and share the Gospel! The best missionary work is through the members. Be the member the missionaries love!

Syster Nielsen

The promised Grocery Store Picture!

The District... Three of the six of us are transferring this week!

What it looked like at 10pm at night... lots of light!

Yes, there was still a pile up this big in the 2nd week of May! Craziness.

It's a bit blurry... But skyping!! Yay!

My first splits! Perks of iphones.... Selfies!

Lots of Pictures!!

May 4th, 2015

Natalya didn't send an email this week! She was too busy trying to help the Elders find their lost iPhone. :)

Look!! I was at a cattle farm this week!!

Yes, Sterling, I was thinking of you! This man in our branch has a ton of cattle!! I was SO excited! They have all kinds of rules and regulations with the cattle though... The guy in our branch said that the government had been out like 3 times that year or something to check on his ranch. They are really particular with how they treat animals here it sounds like. Dad, you would be proud- I could talk with him about lots of smart cattle things. I knew the business and I think he liked that. :)

Cute girl in our branch. :)

The treacherous four with our mission leader. :)