Monday, May 18, 2015

Knocking Doors Actually Works.. Who Knew?

May 11th, 2015
Hey Family and Friends!

Sorry that I didn't get around to sending an email last week.. One of the Elders lost a mission iPhone and it threw a bit of a wrench in the day. But all four of us missionaries said a prayer and low and behold! We found it. Pray works. We've lost so many things (car key, apartment key, bus card, iPhone) and so far we have found everything besides a couple of bus cards. I can promise you that God is looking out for the work and looking out for his 19-20 year old missionaries (mishaps and all). 

So....confession time. My faith in tracting has been waning a bit and God decided to show me this week that it works. Most people when you knock on their door either peep-hole you, or very quickly express their disinterest. This week we were knocking some doors in Hertsön and we knocked on the door of a cute yellow house. A cute, grey haired old man opened the door and told us we could come back later! Wait.. what? Did he say we could come back? He must have a disorder...But no! We came back two days later and he invited us in. He had all the right questions and concerns and he asked us if we had anything he could read. I was flabbergasted!! It was amazing. God works miracles and really prepares people.

One lesson I am learning really well on my mission is that I choose my reaction to any given situation. I have been learning that one for a while, but I know it is true. I am trying to take resposibility for my emotions. If I am frustrated with my companion, my situation, the fact I have 15 months left, something my District leader did, etc., it's my problem! I choose! I am master of myself, just like Christ was. He was King of Heaven and Earth and yet he was nailed to a cross, willing confining himself to the base fate of robber or a murderer. And yet he chose to forgive those that had nailed Him to that Cross and do missionary work with the sinners on either side of him, nailed to their own crosses. Wow, I just want to be a small portion of what He was and is. 

I love you all beyond words! Keep looking to Christ and share the Gospel! The best missionary work is through the members. Be the member the missionaries love!

Syster Nielsen

The promised Grocery Store Picture!

The District... Three of the six of us are transferring this week!

What it looked like at 10pm at night... lots of light!

Yes, there was still a pile up this big in the 2nd week of May! Craziness.

It's a bit blurry... But skyping!! Yay!

My first splits! Perks of iphones.... Selfies!

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