Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Valuable Lesson From Sister Harkness

July 20th, 2015

Today I learned a valuable lesson from my companion, Sister Harkness. We decided to swing by an inactive member in Tore. I had only met this woman once and she scared me before... She seemed  before very hard hearted to me. I was scared to knock on her door unannounced, but we did it anyways. Sister Harkness went in and bore her testimony to this lady that I had perceived as so hard hearted and came out of the lesson saying that this less active had so much potential. It was incredible how softened this lady seemed, how you could tell that she felt the spirit. Sister Harkness told me after the appointment that how you perceive them beforehand and your expectations for what you think they are is what they are going to be. I learned a valuable lesson from her today- give everyone a chance and think of things in a positive, comfortable way. If you think it is going to be awkward, it is going to be awkward. I want to view people more in ways of what they can become.

I know the picture of my feet is gross, but I wanted to show you the mosquito bites... Sister Harkness and I have been eaten ALIVE! It was really miserable last week. We would go out to exercise in the morning and they would itch and itch and ITCH! 

The Tree hotel! You literally sleep up in that tree!

This one looks like a nest.

The bug attacks.

Random tree with a staircase!

Beautiful Luleå in the summer time!

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