Monday, August 17, 2015

The Uncomfortable Zone

June 22nd, 2015
Kära Family and Friends,

I am starting to realize that I have to live in the "uncomfortable zone" instead of the "comfort zone" on a mission. You have to overcome your "comfort zone" in some way every day. Let me give you an example:

Contacting at bus stops or on buses is really hard for me. It seems really uncomfortable and I hate doing it. Contacting is one of the hardest things- I have to overcome my fear of it every day. In Sweden, people don't really talk to each other all that much if they don't know each other (unless there is a real reason to talk). I've heard before that the only people that talk to random people are foreigners and people that have a mental problem. That is not completely true, but there is truth to it. Luckily I am a foreigner (and they probably think I have a mental problem too. :) ). Last week Sister Savage and I were waiting for a bus and it was really late. We were not the only ones at the bus stop- there were some other people there waiting for this bus. I had this thought that I should talk to this one woman at the bus stop. I decided that I would do it and I built up the courage to start the conversation. The bus FINALLY drove up and it was very full, so I ended up sitting across from this woman I had contacted. I told her that we could help her with her Swedish (she comes from Africa and wants to learn Swedish) and I gave her a pass along card. She ended up coming to church yesterday! What a miracle! She told us as she walked with us to church that her mother had taught her to not stay home on Sundays, to always go to church (or something like that). What a righteous mother! She said she liked it and will come next week. I am so glad I decided to get in the "uncomfortable zone." God really blessed me.

I am done being a greenie! Sister Savage is being transferred to Västerhaninge this week and I am getting a new companion. Her name is Sister Harkness and she is coming from Täby (in Stockholm). I am so excited, but I will miss Sister Savage very much! 

I love you all! Have a great week!

Syster Nielsen

This is in Haparanda! We went there this week.

Road trip in Sweden. On our way back from Haparanda to Luleå.

The Swedish Churches are super pretty here. This one is in Kallix.

Our District this transfer!

Our Midsummer Cake... Sister Savage decided to turn it into an American Flag. :)

Midsummer Celebration! We had the whole day off.

Midsummer in Haparanda!

Night time in Luleå. No lack of light.

Smörgås Torta! We were feed this beautiful creation by some members this week.

The weather forcast for night time (1-5 am)- nothing but sun!

Of course I am that person who finds the only organic shampoo and conditioner in the store (that I have seen) and I buy it. Noelle, be proud. :)

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