Monday, August 24, 2015

God Gathers All His Children

June 29th, 2015
Today we met with a 17 year old from Afghanistan that Sister Savage and I had contacted on the street. He is incredible. We taught him with a persian translator and he has only been in Sweden for 6 months now. It was amazing to hear his story. He talked about how there was opposition to him learning English, but he decided to do it anyway. I think that was God preparing him so that he could meet us and talk to us. He also decided after his Muslim past that nobody should be forced into a certain religion. He chose Christianity for himself and really has a deep desire to learn about Christ for himself. He is so sincere and it sounds like he has been through a lot. He loved talking to us today and sad he will come again on Sunday (he came last Sunday). He even talked about his desire to be baptized. He is amazing! God prepares people in all lands and places. I am so grateful for his hand in our lives. He loves us and provides a way to gather all of his children.

This is a girl who got baptized this week. She was taught by the Elders in Boden.

One of our last days together. I'm not a Greenie anymore!

Sister Harkness and I! My new companion!

This one is especially for Dad. I made mashed potatoes for myself on Sunday night.

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