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August 10th, 2015
Hey Family and Friends!

I made it to Borås! After a plane, three trains and a bus ride, I finally made it here. My travel here was also a witness to me that God is watching out for us. I had a little miracle. One of my trains was about 20 minutes late, and I had a bus to catch from Alinsås to Borås. I was traveling that part of the journey alone, and I had to handle all of my luggage (2 big bags, a carry on and a backpack) by myself. I got all my luggage up two flights of stairs, hoping to catch my bus after getting of the late train. Sadly, I watched in drive by and realized I had missed it. As I was deciding what to do next (I had no phone or phone numbers at this point), a guy jumped out of the car and said "Hey! We are Mormons! Do you need help?" Wow. I am in Sweden, where members are far and few between, and of course one happens to be there right as I miss my bus. God is looking out for me. The guy helped me out and looked up the next bus to Borås for me. Eventually the Alingsås missionaries showed up. I am sure that man sent them to me. All was well and I made it to Borås, safe and sound!

Other awesome news- the man I taught in Luleå. Ali is getting baptized this week!! Yay! I won't be there, but I am so happy for him. The joy that you feel when you see someone coming to Christ is immense.

We have had a couple of tender mercies the past couple of days. One happened yesterday when we were trying to get to a member dinner that lived outside of Borås a little ways. We got to one bus stop, but it turned out that there wasn't another bus that went out to where we needed to be. The travel to get to this member had already been a bit complicated. We talked to one the workers at the bus station and he offered to give all four of us missionaries a ride to our member dinner. He knew at least one member of our church (I think he knew a few actually) and was just doing us a really nice favor. He was SO nice and we got his number and asked him if he would be interested in learning about our church! He said he would think about it. It was such a tender mercy! God knew we would not have a bus and prepared a better way for us. God had a plan!

Another tender mercy happened when I saw a lady that I felt like we should contact. She just seemed like she was not having the best day, and I just felt the Spirit leading me to tell her that God loves her. She asked us to pray for her and we knelt down right there and said a prayer for her. The Spirit was so strong- it was such a neat experience. It really testified to me that God loves and watches out for each of His children.

I love you all! I love Syster Lund, my new companion- she is from California and is super cute and hard working.  Look for the tender mercies this week- God is watching out for us. 


Syster Nielsen

Our investigator, Mattias. I thought this picture was kind of cool. :)

Borås is gorgeous!

Cute ladies in Luleå before I left.

This is the Branch President's Family in Lulea.

This is the Larsson Family in Lulea.

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