Tuesday, September 1, 2015

We are Dynamite.

August 3rd, 2015
Kära Family and Friends,

Syster Harkness and I got the biggest compliment in the world this week. We went on splits with the Sister Training Leaders and they said that President called us the "Dynamite Companionship." That was a giant compliment! Also, something cool I learned about President Beckstrand a few weeks ago was how he came to be called as a Mission President. It was amazing because he said that the General Authorities had been praying over his name in the Temple for 7 years before they called him. I couldn't believe it! He also met with Elder Nelson and President Uchtdorf- Pres. Uchtdorf issued the call. President Beckstrand told us with tears in his eyes that at the end of his interview with Pres. Uchtdorf, he gave him a hug and said in his ear (from my memory): "You'll do great." President Beckstrand is more than great- he is unbelievable. He is truly called of God.

Sadly, the Dynamite is exploding! I am transferring to Borås!! But I am SO excited! Borås is in teh Göteborg area and I will be serving with Sister Lund. I leave this Wednesday.

The other day, we had another Book of Mormon miracle. I looked at the bookshelf today and thought to myself "which Book of Mormon should I take today?" I grabbed on in Finnish and put it in my backpack. Guess what happened? We contacted a couple and where were they from? Finland of course! The woman's mother was LDS and she said she already had a Book of Mormon. I looked at them and said "I actually happen to have a Book of Mormon in Finnish today." They seemed a bit suprised, but the man took the Book of Mormon. He even took a picture with us so that they could show it to the woman's mother who is LDS. God works in mysterious ways sometimes! I know it wasn't "happenstance" that I had a Finnish Book of Mormon. I am constantly reminded every day that God has a plan.

I was on splits with Sister Powell the other day, and we had made a plan to go and visit a lady named Elin. For some reason I just couldn't feel right about visiting her- I felt like there was someone else I was supposed to see. Finally, I admitted that maybe God had another plan, and I sought in my mind who we should visit. The thought came to me: "Linda." I needed to go visit Linda. I was hesitant to see her again because we had just visited her last week, but it felt right. I sent her a text and arranged a time to come over. We went by that afternoon with some flowers and a card because her birthday was on Friday. During the visit she said something like: "Thank for coming over. I was feeling kind of sad for some reason today." Wow. God has a plan- He knew what Linda needed.

I love you all! Next time I write it will be from the promised land of Borås! Have a great week!

Syster Nielsen

Sterling, don't be too jealous about the Finland sign...

Sister Harkness and I took a run into IKEA (picture where I am sitting at the table). I had never been there before- it is so cool!

Victoria- one of the members here in Luleå. She is INCREDIBLE. She has a daughter who just left about a week and a half ago on a mission to England.

District Meeting Lunch!

Inkeri- a member in a nursing home we go and sing too/leave a short message every now and then

Across the water on the far side is Finland. Absolutely gorgeous country- so green!

Dindi! A less active lady that we finally tracted down. She is hilarious because I don't know how much she can remember... She asked some of the same questions 3 or 4 times during our last visit! I was on splits and Sister Powell and I couldn't help ourselves- we just started laughing because she was repeating herself AGAIN! She also believes in reincarnation, but I am not sure if we corrected that one she would remember the correction! She is so cute.

This is Linda from Brazil. She joined the church in Brazil and then married a Swedish man. Her Mom didn't want her to join the church and she told her Mom that she had a choice. Linda said that if she didn't let her join, she would go all crazy and get piercings and go off the deep end instead.  She is hilarious. :)

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