Sunday, April 5, 2015

Heavenly Father is Aware of Our Needs

March 25, 2015
Family and Friends,
I am worried about the weight of my suitcases. I have started packing today. We have around 14 lbs of books. Plus, I apparently can't bring a backpack as a personal item. I'll have to send it home. I am already about at 40 lbs. for my carry on and that is the maximum! AHH! It's crazy. 

On Monday at 3:30 am I check into the Travel Office! My plane leaves for Atlanta at 7am. Wow! Early!

Swedish is coming slowly, but surely. It's a lot of memorizing. It's crazy that I'll be there in less than a week. Thank you for all your support! 

This week I was walking home from class and I hat a thought that I should say "Hi" to Jessica Beatty. She lives one floor under me and was really homesick. I was able to comfort her and I wrote her a note. She said she had been praying for Heavenly Father to send her some comfort and I was able to answer that prayer. I am touched by the way Heavenly Father is aware of our needs! 

Flowers at the Provo Temple. This picture is especially for you, Mom!

I got my travel plans for Sweden last Friday! I leave on the 30th!

We do this thing called TALL all of the time. It's a language learning program for missionaries, kind of like Rosetta Stone without the pictures.  It's really helpful!

The last picture of our Zone! The Danish Elders (there were 6 of them) got here one week before us and left this past Monday.

Sister Duncan and I. She is going to the Netherlands. Sister Duncan played 4 years for the University of Utah Soccer Team.

Packing round 2... it's a nightmare.

My Travel Itinerary.

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