Sunday, January 3, 2016

People Before Things

November 16th, 2105
Kära Family and Friends,

Happy Birthday today to Syster Helmick! How I love that girl, I am so grateful for all the good she is doing in Germany. She continues to change my life through our friendship. Also, shout out to Sterling for his birthday on Friday! Wish I could be there, but just know I'll be thinking about you here. I love you both!

Last night I sat on the kitchen floor, filled with frustration and anger. Things were building up and I just couldn't take it anymore. I just sat there on that floor and cried while Syster Hong was in the bedroom. She didn't know I was crying. I went to bed, frustrated. Something I have learned on my mission is the importance of filling someone's love language. There are five- quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, and gifts. Filling someone's needs are so important for a good relationship, something I am still working on. I had been feeling that my words of affirmation had not been filled recently. I know that is self-centered, but I felt like I was sacrificing so much without appreciation. I woke up this morning to find exactly what I needed sitting on my desk. Syster Hong had written me the sweetest, appreciative note. It was PERFECT timing, so considerate and caring. I get emotional just writing about it. It's the little things that matter. People all around are struggling and we need to lift the hands that hang low. Syster Hong did that for me today. She truly is a Christ like example. She doesn't know how incredibly much I needed that.

On Wednesday I had put my piano music in my backpack because I had been asked me to play the music at a zone conference. I went to take the music out on Thursday and I thought that I should leave it, just in case I got the chance to play something for someone today. Rare, but maybe, right? Of course, we walk into our less active, Annika Ternstrom's apartment and she has a piano sitting right there. Now, something about Sweden is that almost nobody has pianos in their apartments. Of course I got the chance to sit down and play and invite the Spirit through church music. I played her favorite hymn and by the end she was in tears. Wow, what a miracle! Of course I didn't leave the music in for nothing. It amazes me how much God is in the details.

Something I am learning with Syster Hong is to make time for people. It's important to spend the time to get to know them, be there for them, laugh with them. Don't rush through people in order to just do things. Of course, tasks are important. There is a time and place for both. But make time for the individual. My Mom told me earlier on my mission that Christ always had time for people. That has really stuck with me. I want to be the same way. We have been spending a little bit more time getting to know the members and I love them more than ever. I love this people. They are like my family now here in Borås. It's incredible!

It's cold, rainy and dark here! The sun is going down at kl. 15.50 tonight. But we are ready to light this Christmas season up with the light of Christ. Love you all!
Syster Nielsen

When I got to play the piano at the less-active woman's house.

A member told me that I could use their couch for a nap until dinner was ready. Syster Hong found this picture funny.

A man we work with. He was baptized by my MTC teacher!

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