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"There Goes our Last Middag"

September 28th, 2015

Kära Family and Friends,

Funny story from the other day: we happened by accident to be on the bus with the Borås Elders and they were on their way to a member meal. They got a phone call on the way there that the member forgot and cancelled on the Elders. Elder Stoelzing gets off the phone and he goes: "There goes our last middag." Middag is dinner in Swedish. It was HILARIOUS because he was making fun of the quote from the movie "Ice Age" that says: "There goes our last female." Oh man, it was a good laugh.

Also, another good laugh from this week: One of our investigators had a concern that God would not command Nephi to kill Laban in the Book of Mormon. We talked about the answer to it this morning and I think we were both still a bit confused. Syster Lund and I were teaching a lesson and she started talking about Laban and how Nephi killed him and how the Spirit led him to do that. We were sitting in the public library and she said something about how the Spirit could lead her to go and kill someone in the library. At this point I think we were both a little unsure about 
things.... Needless to say, we have some misunderstandings to clear up. :)

This is Syster Lund's side of the story:  "So this morning I was studying about why nephi was commanded to slay laban because God says dont kill but then sometimes it says he shall utterly destroy. ANYWAYS. So were in a lesson today, and we are talking about the Holy Ghost and how we can listen to promptings and that it's what God wants. My comp goes ahead and says yeah God would NEVER command anyone to kill anyone. and she kinda repeated it a few times...I didnt feel good about it, because we were trying to commit this guy to read in the beginning of the Book of Mormon ya know....where nephi is commanded by God to kill laban? So i was like well....likeeeee If God commands it he commands it and it is done. and I tried to explain laban and nephi and stuff and just went ALL THE FLIP OVER THE PLACE. hsaowjehqwlkegj ahhhsjkhgjwkg it was awful. I'm pretty sure the thought came into his mind that we kill people because (the Book of Mormon) says that we should do it. MORAL OF THE STORY. Nobody is perfect. I'll pray for forgiveness tonight, we are going to text him to correct it. and I am thoroughly embarrassed! WOOHOO!!!
Other than the false doctrine I accidentally taught today, life is good!"

I liked her version too, so I thought I would include it. :)

The other evening we had the coolest experience. We were with a less active couple and we watched the movie "The Testaments." By the end it, this less active woman had been in tears by the powerfulness of the movie. She expressed how she knew that everything in her life was better when she was regularly reading the scriptures and being active in church. She knew that their life had been worse since she had been less active. I was astonished by her humility and readiness to come back. At the end of the night we asked if there was anything we could do for them. She said "pray for me that I will be able to come back." I just hugged her right then and there, astounded by her humility. I can't express the joy it is to see someone so humble and willing to change. I know Christ is just waiting for her to come back with open arms.    

I love you all! Have a great week! Jag älskar er!

Syster Nielsen


Yes, I broke out the scarf already. It's nästan winter here. 

This is the Murrays from Borås- Brother Murray is from America, and let me tell ya. He is as American as Football. I LOVE IT!

Our apartment door is green!

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