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Transfers and Syster Hong!

October 26th, 2015
Kära Familj!

I am staying in Borås! I will be here at least one more transfer with Syster Hong! She is ADORABLE. Syster Lund is transferring to be a Syster Training Leader in the Stockholm area. I will miss her greatly. Syster Lund is honestly the type of person I would love to marry. I think she is a red-yellow combination (for those who know the Color Code). We seriously almost never have problems. We disagree on things and have differences in opinion, but we honestly have a fantastic relationship. We have super open communication which makes ALL the difference in the world. When there is a problem, we just talk about it almost immediately. She is not easily offended, she is super funny, she is lighthearted and optimistic and she is proactive and hard working. I literally adore her personality. It radiates and has helped me soooo much. One trait I love about her is that she doesn't procrastinate. If there is a phone call to be made, she does it immediately. If something needs to be done, she just does it. Her Dad's motto is "Do it. Do it right. Do it right now." She lives by that. She is super fantastic. She has really helped me learn to let go of little things. She doesn't view life as something to be soo stressed about, but she does take it seriously. I am just obsessed with her! I will very much miss her and her presence in Borås.

We had a really cool experience with our investigator Jackie recently. We had decided to call Jackie and ask her to read a chapter of the Book of Mormon. We were debating which chapter to read and I flipped open to Mosiah 4 and I thought "this is the one she needs." We had our lesson with her and she said that that chapter had answered her questions she has been struggling with. She said "did I tell them about this thing I was struggling with? Did they know about this?" We didn't know, but God sure did! We started to teach her the plan of salvation and Jackie literally started teaching us so much of what we already believe. It was crazy. It is proof to me that truth is truth and that God is available to everyone and anyone.

Funny story- yesterday in Church we had some visitors from England. I got the privilege of translating from Swedish to English...... Yikes.  Try translating a complex Bible lesson about Paul and the specifics of what happened to him taught by a very intelligent Swedish man after only having spoken the language for 8 months. Yup. The things missionaries do... 

It's getting dark and cold in Sweden. I think the sun sets before 5 pm now! Something interesting about Sweden is that I operate on military time now. I am also getting to know the metric system. Lots of awesome new experiences here!

I love you all so much! Remember to read and pray this week. It's your spiritual lifeline!

Syster Nielsen

Our District leader goes home this week... We had a "funeral" for him.

Our Ward Mission Leader got married!

Cows. :)

The castle we visited today!

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