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November 23rd, 2015

Kära Familjer och Vänner,

It is FREEZING here. Just putting that out there. 

Alice's family took Syster Hong and I out to a really nice lunch this week. It was so nice. I love her family! They have been so incredibly good to me here. Alice, they sure love you! You have an awesome family. :)

I had a funny experience this week. I went on splits with Syster Stoughton and I had a trying moment. Back up a little. Before my mission, I had thought about if someone really needed my coat that I really liked, would I be willing to be Christ-like and give it to them. It was a hard discussion in my head, but I guess you can say it was somewhat put to the test this week. When we got back to Borås after switching companions, it was pouring rain. Being Sweden, there was an umbrella vending machine and Syster Stoughton went to buy herself an umbrella. After more trouble than it was worth, she finally got herself an umbrella. There was this Muslim woman who also wanted to buy herself one, but she literally did not speak Swedish or English. We tried to help her buy one out of the vending machine, but we couldn't get it to work. She pointed to her coat, I am sure indicating that it was not water proof and that it was pouring outside. I had a moment inside where I had to decide- would I be willing to give her my umbrella that my Mom had given me last year for Christmas? Ultimately, I offered her mine. She took it with a bright smile and I went on my way into the pouring rain. Once again, we only had one umbrella. Not going to lie, it hurt a little to give it away. It's weird how attached one can get to material objects. But the good side of things, I guess it was an indication that the Christ-like side of me won the battle- at least in that instance. But no worries, I bought myself a new umbrella.

I had a hard week this week. I am going to be honest. The mental battles you fight on your mission are unreal. I can't even believe them sometimes. I had a breakdown on Saturday night, so frustrated, tired and wondering if I could do this for another 9 months. But I think this is normal. I think a lot of missionaries go through this. I just want to see things happen- baptisms, members doing missionary work, golden contacts and a complete consecration in myself to this work. I have never been so exhausted in my life. Today and yesterday I read a talk that Syster Hong had given me and it was about enduring and fighting to the end. Anything good is worth fighting for. It helped me a lot! When the going gets rough, that is when you know what your character is made of. I want to be more diligent! I am working on this.

Happy thanksgiving! I love you all and I am so grateful for each of you in my life. Have a happy week!

Syster Nielsen

Christmas has already started here.

Alice's Grandparents- they took us to a nice restaurant in Borås. It was so nice!

This is a sport they play in Sweden called Innabondy. 

Making my half way mark Mexican feast. :) 

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