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Bunnies and Disciples of Christ

September 21st, 2015
Hejsan Family and Friends!

Fun fact about Sweden. I don't see a bunch of squirrels running around (like we do in Oregon), but instead we see all sorts of bunnies. They come in all different colors here and they run around wild. It is the randomest thing!

The other day I had a really humbling experience. We went and taught this family that Syster Lund and I had tracted into. They spake Spanish, so we took a couple members of the Trejoes family from our ward with us. The Trejoes moved here from Columbia and the parents speak very little Swedish. It amazes me though- they come to church every single week, even though their understanding is limited. It is incredibly humbling to me their faithfulness in the Gospel. Anways, we took Brother Trejoes and his daughter with us (who speaks good Swedish) and taught this family. It was incredible the power of having members there. The work is SO much better with them helping. I also am so amazed at all the circumstances that God lines up right for people to find the Gospel. We happen to have a lot of Spanish members in Borås who can be a support to this family. Brother Trejoes was helping us teach the Restoration and the power of having a member there to testify was incredible. The husband of this investigator family said that he felt good, that something in his heart was telling him that we were good, that this was right. He also said they had been trying to get in contact with us, but then of course Syster Lund and I just "happened" to run into them the other day and we decided a time to meet. God really leades this work.

I was also so impressed with Brother Trejoes and his humilty. He can only speak a little bit of Swedish, but we mentioned that this family that hadn't been to church in a while. They live in the same area as this investigator family. Brother Trejoes wanted to go and visit them because they hadn't been to church in a while and they needed strength. Holy cow. How humbled I am by this man. We went and stopped by this family with Brother Trejoes and his daughter, even though Brother Trejoes can barely speak Swedish and this family can't speak Spanish. I was so humbled by the disciple of Christ this man is. He really is one of the most humble people I have met here in Sweden. I am amazed by his love and dedication to God and this work. 

One more thing about Brother Trejoes. The other day he asked for a Spanish Book of Mormon and decided to go meet with his friend and give it to him right then and there. He didn't hesitate to do God's will and he is brave and willing to serve. He acted on his prompting then and there. I am so humbled by this Spanish man who can barely speak Swedish, who faithfully serves in the church here and who is doing member missionary work, even in a country that is not his own. 

I have also learned a lot this week about listening to the Spirit instead of just doing the right thing because it is my "duty." I need my will to be the same as God's will for me. That isn't just doing my "duty" and secretly wishing I could do what I want to do. It is a total submission of my will to His. "Thy will be done and the glory be Thine forever." 

I love you all with my whole heart. Have a great week!

Syster Nielsen

This is your sign.

A cute old man who lives across from us who cleaned the railing for everyone on his apartment floor. It touched us so much. 

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